The Tacos

900 DegreesBlackened Chicken Taco: Blackened chicken, mixed cabbage slaw, avocado crema
A & E Roastery DRINK: Fire & Ice Chai: House Chai mixed with Real NH Maple Syrup, milk of choice and a dash of cayenne pepper.
Backyard Brewery /  Gentle Dental: Notorious P.I.G. Taco
Baked: Baked Apple Pie Tacos: Cinnamon sugar taco with apple pie filling,drizzled with white chocolate and streusel.
Bark City: The El Barko Taco (For Dogs!): A soft, taco shaped treat, for your dog. The El Barko Taco is grain free and is made with coconut, carob, yogurt, and cinnamon. Guaranteed to turn any dog into a Mexican jumping beans
Ben & Jerry’s: Totally Taco: A waffle Taco shell stuffed with Totally Baked ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce and optional sprinkles or crushed potato chips.
Birch on Elm: Pulled Pork Taco: Pulled pork shoulder, flour tortilla, roasted corn and tomatillo salsa, charred tomato crema
Boards & Brews: Settlers of Carnitas: Traditional pork taco filled with vegetables and optional scoville expansion hot sauce.
Bonfire Country Bar: Bonfire Bacon Taco
Cafe’ la Reine: Cafe Breakfast Taco: Corn Tortilla, eggs, bacon, salsa, queso and cilantro.
Campo Enoteca: Eggplant Polpetti: Flash fried eggplant polpetti/Artichoke puree/piquillo pepper relish.
Central Ale House: Pollo Al Fuego
Club Manchvegas: Breakfast Taco: A floured tortilla dipped in egg,cinnamon and vanilla grilled and stuffed with a combo of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and blended cheeses, drizzled with fresh maple syrup.
Consuelo’s Taqueria: Grilled chicken on guava sauce (with a hint of habanero) roasted potatoes and caramelized onions.
Currier Museum of Art: Currier’s Coconut Curry Chicken. A coconut curry chicken taco, served on a flour tortilla with pineapple salsa, napa cabbage and toasted coconut.
Doogies Bar and Grille: Hamburger and corned beef with salsa, melted cheddar, jalapeño and ranch dressing.
Edible Arrangements: Frutaco: Taco filled with Fruit Salsa.
El Rincon: Taco Poblano: Beef, grilled onions and a green sauce on a taco shell.
Firefly Bistro and Bar: Bacon Me Crazy Taco: Seasoned Chicken, bacon, cheddar and chipotle-lime crema with a build your own taco table set up.
Food Trucks for CASA: Apple Crisp Taco: World famous Belgian Acres Farm apple crisp served with cinnamon sugar "churro" chips.
Fratellos: Italian Braised short rib slider: Cotija cheese,caramelized onion, avacado mayo, charred tomato, crispy pomme frites.
Gabi’s Smoke Shack: Pulled Pork Taco: Flour tortilla, pulled pork topped with coleslaw.
Golden Bowl: Chicken Taco
Granite State Candy Shoppe: Banapple Crisp: Cinnamon Apple and Banana ice cream sprinkled with granola and drizzled with honey.
Hilton Garden Inn: Fried Green Carnitas Taco: Slow roasted pork in salsa verde, black beans, roasted corn, cheddar Jack, Falbano avocado ranch slaw on a crispy flour shell.
Ignite/Hooked: Costa Rican Fish Taco: A soft shell taco filled with fried haddock, fresh greens, pico degallo and our own creole tartar sauce.
Labelle Winery: The Bistro at Labelle Winery Sweet Cannoli Taco: Sugared taco shell with sweetened ricotta filling and mini chocolate chips
Lala’s Hungarian Restaurant: Transylvanian Taco: Crepes filled with Apricot, Cherry, Blueberry or Nutella.
Live Juice: Mango Chicken Tango Taco: BBQ chicken and our own mango salsa.
Lorena’s Cantina: Street Tacos: Shredded chicken tacos with cilantro and onions on street style corn tortillas. 
Madear’s: Cajun Taco: Fried Port Butt with red bean hummus and crunch spring salad of spicy cucumber and radish in a flour tortilla.
Manchester Fire Department: Smoke Showing: A Corn Tortilla, filled with pork, cabbage, cheese, Cilantro, and spices.
Margarita’s: Fish Tacos: Tortilla encrusted fish, roasted corn salsa, shredded red cabbage and chipotle aioli on a white corn tortilla.
Matbah: Taco Falla/Falafel: Fresh Tortilla bread filled with lettuce, tomato, Tahini sauce and pomegranate sauce.2/ Falafel traditional chickpea fritter, with Tahini and Pomegranate sauce.
Midtown Cafe: Chicken Kabob Taco
Mint Bistro: Bahn Mi Tacos: Slow Cooked pork shoulder, pickled vegetable, jalapeño, cilantro, sesame-chili mayo.
Moe’s Italian Sandwiches: Smoky Barbeque Pulled Pork: A slow roasted pork sautéed with red onions and spices, mixed with barbeque sauce, topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese.
New England Tap House Grille: Mojo Pork Taco: Tender pork piled on a flour tortilla, marinated in orange and lime juice with cumin, garlic, onion and cilantro, garnished with queso fresco a lime wedge and fresh cilantro.
NH Fisher Cats Stadium: Bodacious Brewhouse Brat Taco: Ground Italian sausage charred on a flat top drizzled with Sam Adams ‘76 Beer Cheese,   topped with chopped scallions.
Noodle Bar: Crispy Chicken Taco: Crispy Pulled Chicken, Korean BBQ sauce, and Soy Slaw
Penuche’s Music Hall: Pulled BBQ chicken with shredded lettuce and pico de gallo
Piccola Ristorante Italia: Chicken Parm Cesar Taco
Portland Pie Company: Chicken Waffle Taco: Chicken tenders, bacon, maple syrup in a hard shell topped with whipped cream.
Red Arrow: Buffalo Chicken Taco
Republic: Dosa Potato Taco: Dosa Potato taco w/Middle Eastern slaw and Tahini.
Restoration Café: Breakfast taco: A corn tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, chorizo, potato and queso fresco.
Stark Brewing Company: Fish Taco: Haddock, wasabi, coleslaw
Strange Brew Tavern: Chipotle Chicken Street Taco
Taj India: Chicken Tika Taco: Chicken Taco with tomato and masala (Indian) sauce.
The Farm Bar and Grille: Pulled Pork Taco: Pulled pork on a flour tortilla with coleslaw and barbeque sauce.
The Foundry: Pork Belly Taco: Pork Belly, red cabbage, pickled onion slaw, avocado yuzu.
The Gyro Spot: Opa Barbacoa: Savory Barbacoa beef, warm tortilla topped with zesty tzatziki and greeko de gallo.
The Pint Publik House: Jerk Barbeque Pork Taco
The Thirsty Moose Taphouse: “the WINNAH”: House smoked pulled pork, citrus chipotle bbq sauce, tart apple slaw, and smoked apple aioli.
Thousand Crane: Teriyaki Taco: Teriyaki Chicken, rice, lettuce drizzled with teriyaki sauce.
USA Chicken and Bisquits: Chicken Taco: Chicken, lettuce, tomato , homemade white sauce.
XO on Elm Bistro: The Queen: Marinated roasted chicken mixed with avocado mousse, shredded cheese topped with guasacaca sauce (a traditional Venezuelan cilantro garlic sauce).
Cheddar and Rye: The Venom: Grilled cheese sloppy Joe taco
815 Cocktails and Provisions: Juan in a Million: Carnitas, cucumber/ rhubarb salsa, bourbon cream cheese, corn tortilla. 
Whiskey's 20: Pulled Pork Taco!: Slow roasted pork, piquillo pepper, chipotle sauce, avocado with lime and mayo coleslaw. 
Kisaki Japanese Cuisine: Sushi taco: Spicy crab and lettuce on seaweed shell.