Taco maps are available at the event in our Hippo boxes (while supplies last) and in the paper of April 28 and May 4.  

You can use our app HippoScout (on IOS and Android) for mapping all the taco locations and descriptions as well. Under Category select the "Hippo de Mayo" category and the app will display all restaurants in alphabetical order and include the taco name and description. Each restaurant will have it's own listing with a description of its taco and it's charity in the HippoScout app as well as a mapping function and save to favorites option. You can also vote from the app.

Here is a printable version of the map

You can also use the google Hippo de Mayo map to see which restaurants are participating and where they are.  

Use Hippo's HippoScout website or App (for Android or Apple) to browse or search taco listings and to map restaurant locations.